Some women recieve gifts
from their guys every week.
I will teach you to be one of them.
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The basics

This question is not about materialistic wants. Your desire to commemorate special occasions with some tangible markers is completely normal, sweet, and deserves to be satisfied.

Do’s and Dont’s

You should have an open talk channel to go over little things like this. You've got to retrain him out of that mindset he's got about buying or in this case not buying you anything randomly.

Get what you want

If you want to get what you want from your man, it is far better to reward than it is to punish. These ten realistic tips on how to get what you want from your man, can show you how.

Feedback from some of my readers*
*I have slightly changed the actual names for privacy resons
“I thought these guidelines could work only for extremely beautiful women, and I am a litte above average looking, so I was sceptical. But now I see getting attention from men is just too easy.”
Cynthia, Atlanta, GA
“Stumbled upon your website one day, got interested, and told myself "I can't believe I'm actually gonna read this”. Fast forward year and a half later, I am getting more gifts from men than all my friends combined.
Mila, New York, NY
“I have read over a hundred self-help books, yet none of them is so brave to speak clearly about this essential topic. I have never been hapier with my life.”
Kath, Modesto, CA
“Feeling fulfilled in a relationship is fairly simple, if you know what you really want, and you have helped me realize it. Thank you Lydia.”
Becca, Boston, MA
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